Starting over. 

One day on manic bipolar, with enormous amounts of motivation beyond the norm. A lot owing to being told a blog must be centered on a single subject to be read; I made 5 blogs centered on 5 subjects. I love those blogs, but I cannot keep up with them.

So I decided to be myself and just post as I want to by starting completely over.

Besides I was annoyed by blogger since I could get no answer with several things that were not working on there.

Many blogs I follow or go to for these said prior mentioned hobbies change over to WordPress eventually. I wondered what the fuss and why that is. Maybe the same things that annoyed me about blogger. I thought maybe before I amass followers I should give this blog host a try. I am really liking the help to do the blog on here. They really seem to help you much better than blogger. I love the way the community works and so much more.

1 things I do not like about WordPress so far is the blog template unless upgrading is only done with what they give you. But on thinking about that factor. That may be good for me, since I overdue the simplicity I need to get this goal accomplished. The blog is the color and banner you are given by them.

I can live with that. it’s back to posting all I love and what I am enthused about that moment, that day. Life is too short to not want to blog because you overdid your hours to do it.