Not your Average Joe Pumpkin 

The love of the pumpkin. The taste in a sweet made coverup.The look of bright orange and now other colors they come in.The shape. The use of different shapes and sizes inside and out. The cost for such a simple fun idea. Large pumpkins adorn the porch. While minis-and gourds sit on the mantel.
Because Of Pinterest I have branched out and expanded my creative skills. I am thinking as many are: ” Why didn’t I think of this?”

So I bought the usual mini pumpkins gourd things and gave 1 to each kid with this and that from the craft room. First I showed them my pins here:

This is what they came up with:

Mini Pumpkin decors.

These are the ones I did:

Yarn Pumpkins

Yarn, (I branched out and did one in grey blue. Love that color. Pine cones, yarn- and glue if you want to put more effort into it. I did not use the glue it. Mine may be loser than the original  but adore the this way.

Now this is not a pumpkin, but an apple gourd I found at the pumpkin festival. I had never heard or ever seen one prior. But they are beautiful green and apple shaped. In place of a pumpkin I had not gotten I decorated this instead:

Glue and glitter on top of it. I also wish I had sprayed a sealer since I have lost a lot of glitter. Hey I am learning as I go here-,Aren’t you or were you born perfect? with kids , who needs a tornado? I may update this with more glitter and glue and sealer.

The green gourd is supposed the last long time.

Unfortunately, Oh how I tried to get my kids to not go with average Joe pumpkin, but we have this one also and it is not a pretty site:

Giving up the Ghost

I did get so far as to talk her into topping it with crayon melting as seen at the link. Her dad in co conspiracy, helped her cut it open and it is going the way of the usual pumpkin deco we all are used to doing years ago before the dawn of Pinterest modern day.