Do I Have to Post on Black Friday? 

I think not. I will leave that to all the others that do not hate that day to shop- unlike me. I would rather kick back with the kids and craft something or organize something. I really need to clean, but. I would almost rather do Black Friday.

So today goodbye to the Bad Fryday and the Cumbersome Clean making me mean.

On to the daily post prompt. Grab nearest book and write about 3rd complete sentence on pg. 82

So the book that is closest-and this is hilarious since it kind of connects the dots to :”cleaning.”-is “It is too much bother to invite people over to dinner anymore.” Do I have egg on my face? Or pie? The yolk is on me. So to put it this way, this comment is actually partly the truth. Inviting people over that is. I just do not invite people over as I used to because it is a somewhat bother. But I do have excuses:

  1. Crafting has taken over my home.
  2. I live way out in the boonies.
  3. My house truly is not as clean as it used to be since it was too much and I needed some “me” time. At one time it was spotless all the time so an impromptu invite was easy to do.
  4. I planned ahead so much more which did not work with my families do spot on manners and schedules so I had to loosen up.
  5. Consequently now when I think, “We could have invited”, it is too late. I thought this yesterday as I was making food for the feast. I do this almost every week or so.Duh moment. “It would have been nice to invite.”

So some of the above might contain “It is too much bother to invite people over for dinner anymore.” But I can also blame others. After all, it is extremely annoying when it is also too much bother for others not to show and not even call to let you know. After all my craft materials usually show up., Since my craft room almost contains everything needed and if it does not today, I am still not doing Black Friday Anyway.

Connect the Dots.

Even made something on Thanksgiving.


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