I hope I do not violate any terms of service with this, but I am discouraged with word press today,. hopefully I can do this in 10 minutes. You see word press mad me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I read blogs that were moving from blogger to word press and my blog on blogger was not doing well so i thought I would try this host before I ended up moving like so many after it became much harder to do it. i had a lot of friends on word press with nice blogs also that seemed to like this host. So everyday I have been trying to post.  In a few days I fell in love with this place.

This is one post I will not share on social sites in case that causes abuse of terms also. Sad and I do not understand it.

  1. I love the photo challenges and daily prompts.
  2. This site seems more personal then blogger.
  3. I like the “like” button,. It is encouraging to get likes which blogger did not offer.
  4. I have gotten feedback, comments and likes on every blog.
  5. This sis a great community. of support.
  6. I love the reader.
  7. I love the blog.
  8. I love the information to read and learn after you set up your blog.

Probably a few other things I am impressed by.

also another reason i left blogger : I could not find any follow buttons on anyone’s blog to follow. It was just gone on every blog. I tried to get answers and finally gave up.

Now -and I have only been on here about a week. I haves followers i want to thank. I have emails from comments and likes. The emails contain blog subject matter so you can follow up on blogs that have supported you by these things. Yesterday I went to a blog I loved. I commented a 2 posts and followed this blog. I went to another following me with  a beautiful picture photo challenge of the week It would not let me post the comment. I wasted and hour changing my password. It kept telling me to re log in over and over. Then my comment would be gone after I did. I had to try the comment over , re log. I tried to just like the article. Not either. I thought maybe it was just that blog. I tried 2 others. Was not budging. Today I tried again. Nope. I tried 2 x and this time do not want to go with my time like yesterday.

I tried help also yesterday. I finally found 1 post on forum with this same problem. I do not think it was rectified by the posts and the thread was closed. The thread was 3 years ago also. I wasted about an hour on help. No answers. No way to ask about it anymore. I will check out the spam thing as per that one forum thread. I cannot ask any blog since I cannot comment and probably voids the terms and would be real spam. If you are not supposed to comment , why send emails on blogs to respond to?

I do not want to leave all the things I like above about WP, but I may have to. Thank you if anyone can help with this.  I do know everyone’s time is limited and important.