Word Press Daily Prompt- Have Never Bounced Back from the Sting 

Oh my this book. I really cannot explain why I have never recovered from it. It was nearly 2 months ago and  I was deep into it. – And I could not quit talking regarding it. Drove my family nuts with my rantings about it along with the laughter I did over the pages. I am an extremely sensitive and emotional person. I can really feel inside & with the characters.

I found my first book by this author a few years back and fell deeply in love with the man’s descriptive deep wit and truth he can get under my skin with.

This is the start of  a 4 book series. The last one comes out in January. I will eventually get to them all.

The book is full of the sting of death, but amidst the thorns is life blooming and growing. I am waiting for the bud to burgeon through the other volumes to end with the last soon to be released novel into tears of joy.

The funny thing is , this is a book and series with teenagers in mind. I guess a part of me will always be there, back along time ago so much like the protagonist even if not a male.

I am still


My review at :SolitarySolitary by Travis ThrasherMy rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series of books was actually mostly written for the teen audience. These are beautiful tales showing the coming to and journey to redemption. Classics of Good and Evil. I am way past teenage, but I really loved Solitary. I am looking forward to finding what happens in the final 3 volumes. Some might find these books on the creepy side, but they were tame to me compared to some other reviews. I think this would depend on your mindset. I really loved Chris’s Character in resisting temptation and his reasoning for it. I think these books are a great example for teens. Depending on the maturity of the teen though. Younger teens and preteens might need to pass for a couple years. Only for the eerie moments; the book is wonderful with no cussing or sensual trash.

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