Liebster Award

I am so excited. Over at I was nominated for the Liebster Award.  Check out her blog. It is full of laughter, but serious at some points. She is an author and gives great pointers in the field of writing type subjects. Oh and I have finally found someone that actually considers math her favorite subject.. I appreciate this nomination much so.


Now what to do to follow up on the reward: You will do :

  1. I will list 11 random facts about myself.
  2. I will answer the 11 questions asked of me by the person who nominated me.
  3. I will then nominate my 11 picks for the award along with my 11 questions for them to answer when they post a response.
  4. If you’re nominated, your name/link will appear at the bottom of this post along with your questions. Follow the same format, i.e. paste the award badge to your blog, give us 11 random facts about yourself, answer my 11 questions, and choose your nominees…but you cannot nominate the blog who nominated you.

11 Random facts on myself:

  1. I keep chickens as pets.
  2. I have a son that is an underwater sea diver engineer.
  3. I cannot buy Nutella since it my greatest food weakness and will eat the whole jar.
  4. I live 8 miles out from the nearest grocery store and the town has only a population of 800.
  5. I went to state for top bread award when I was 12.
  6. 80% of what I read as far as books go is fiction mystery or suspense books.
  7. One of my ancestors came over on the Mayflower.
  8. My favorite flower is the Dahlia.
  9. I love to do DIY projects and make crafts.
  10. I get emails from sites that list by numbers odd and bizarre stuff because these things fascinate me.
  11. I love to spend time by myself. It is energizing to me.

Answering 11 question from Ramisa Raya. The hard part for me. Have patience please.

  1. When did you start Blogging, and for what reason? What influence does WordPress have on you?

I believe I started blogging in 2009 on blogger. I would give up and start again. I was without internet and moved about 3 times. True Story. I quit blogger a few months back  and decided to try Word Press. I got annoyed with blogger. I do love their templates, but I could not get some issues resolved resolved on there, such as  my blogs I followed were gone and any new blog I wanted to follow was without a follow button. I had never been reprimanded for anything wrong and it got so frustrating  for me.

I started blogging because It seems I want to try almost everything.

Because of WP exhorting with prompts, photo challenges, blog post helps and especially community I actually feel like I am getting somewhere in blogging for the first time.

2. Name your favourite movie, television show and current favourite song. If you’d rather, you can name your all-time favourites too.

I am so boring……Actually I do not watch T.V. because of the time factor.  WE also could not get T.V. up until lately where we live.  Call me back woods. Before we moved to Missouri, I had no  T. V. , but did watch Monk on the computer when they put up full episodes. I do not even keep up with new shows. Movies: Once and awhile watch one on the computer with a DVD.  I go tot he theater a couple times a year. I love old black and white mystery and crime movies. My favorite of those would be,  The Strange Love of Martha Ivers.  It is hard to zero in on any one movie more up to date. I like : the Princess Diaries, Princess Bride, Inception, Loved Flight Plan and a movie with kind of the same plot starring Brittney Murphy who cannot find her fiance in the hospital. I cannot even recall the name of it, but want to see it again.  Older T.V. would be  Walton’s and Beverly Hillbillies. I also loved and watched  Malcolm in the Middle when I did have some  shows by antenna.  Favorite Song is One Thing Remains by Kristian Stanfill, but I love so many songs really hard to fixate on any one. I play one and think this is my favorite of all time and do the same with the next.

3. Something you learned recently.

Actually today I learned how to antique metal on a lamp I got at a yard sale way back.  It is like bronze and I want to make it green or turquoise bronze.

4.Name three things that made you smile today (or laugh).

A book I am reading had  funny wit today-of my kind. An author friend of mine on Good reads, Troy Black ford makes me laugh anytime I see his Twitter posts. A funny pin on Pinterest was hilarious.

5. Any guilty pleasures? (Cheesy songs, nose-wrinkle-worthy books, etc.)

Nutella .lol

6. This is your space. This is your time. Pretend you’re the last human on Earth: what do you wish you could’ve done? (Becoming a journalist, being more nice to your friends who’re now six feet underground, etc.)

I could wish to have Finished and studied everything I have held on my computer on Stumble and Pinterest or bookmarked and to have read every book on my to read list on amazon, my Kindle or Good reads and more to come.

7.  What’s the weirdest YouTube video you’ve ever watched?

Ask me in April. My internet will not do video’s. I hate it. I know before I moved here and got stuck with the internet we had to get which has limits on use, I saw some strange ones , but none stick out in my mind from then.  Our contract for Hughes runs out in March and we are getting internet that just came to our area where you can watch videos and do games finally.

8. Name one thing you can’t live without and what you’d endure in order to have it.

I cannot live without my bible. I would endure death for it’s promises.

9.  Favourite subject in school? Or, if you’re out of school, a career path you always wish you explored.

Career Path: This is such a hard one for me. I married a man with a promise of never having to work out side the home. I have done a few jobs when we needed extra money and always did well, but never settled on any career. I started to think about college a few times, but did not like this aspect of this job, and  there were  too many choices; I got overwhelmed. I juggle about 100 hobbies-of the which I am told is not good. But I love them all. I love so many types of things , I had trouble singling into one niche, so though I sometimes think of getting a degree in a specific field, my head spins and I give up.

10. Google your symptoms at this current moment (slight headache, aching back, etc.) and give us the most deadliest condition associated with them.

So fun. I have brittle asthma so with my symptoms  by searching I got asthma , but also lung cancer. I am glad I know it is asthma. Should not go and play with the chickens, why I am wheezy now..

11.  Describe yourself with a word beginning with the first letter of your name.

Kreative. I know it should be C instead of K, but lots of  my boards on Pinterest, I use the K instead of the C.  Since it fits my name.  Naturally popped into my mind.

My nominee’s:


I think I had nightmares in trying to come up with questions that are not just all one line,  easy to answer. Those are the questions I like, so that is most likely the reason my mind just goes there.  I do know it is good to answer harder questions so others get to know you in a more real manner and to make that brain of yours think.  So I have concluded I will do both. I do know I had several questions from Ramisa Raya that I could just say something quick also.  But I did discover it was kind of fun to answer the harder questions. I am reaching.

So the questions:

  1. If you are a reader: In your opinion is a hard copy book, a digital book such as Kindle, nook, etc or an audio book  the mode you use most often and the whys of it? If you are not a book reader ,but do read magazines, newspapers, blogs-which I am taking for granted if you are doing a blog you must read something, what kind of subjects draw you in?
  2. What is your favorite web site and why-not including Word Press and if WP is give me your 2nd?
  3. Cat or Dog person and if you dislike both: What kind of pet do you have or like to have? If this still does not work, name the 1st animal that comes to mind. Or do all 3 questions if you want to. The last one sounds fun.
  4. Sweet or Salty? Or What is your favorite food?
  5. If money was no option , you were in perfect health and you were given the time, what is your dream place to visit this year?  Any area on the globe.
  6. Most blogs I chose to nominate were crafty type of some type which DIY is probably a blog subject I myself spend time on above any others. DIY encompasses a lot of categories, so what are your  favorite elements you work with, paper, yarn, fabric , clay, any even if it is running  since you are doing it yourself?  Any hobby or thing you love and DIY it.
  7. Do you like fruit or vegetable more? If you want to add more than just one word. Go for it Tell us more. Optional though.
  8. The 3 most beautiful places in the world and one reason you think they are. you can  even use #5 above as 1 of them.
  9. Why you chose Word Press over blogger or another blog host site? Maybe you have one on another site, since many do. But why WP over others for the blog you received the nomination for?
  10. Live by the seaside or on the mountain if able and maybe you do live by one. Which is your choice if  you were able to do that? Even if you do live by the ocean, you may with it could be a mountain instead and vice versa.
  11. If you do not care to answer this one, just say lol or I am not going there etc.  Are you more introverted inclined or extroverted? Pick me-hand raised. I will put this on myself also and go first? Introvert.

Thanks so much for the award Also thanks to the award creator and any nominated who accept and follow up. It does take some time, and maybe not for everyone, but it is a goal to do and a slight variation from the norm. I have found you will come back from doing this post to finding the normal comes much easier.