Confusion. So you tried to give a helping hand to a new blogger. Later in email, you see a new follower and go to their blog to say thank you for the follow-something you just do when new at blogging until you get to big for your britches and never get any sleep to keep up. Familiar scenario? So you go to the link of this new follower and it is the new blogger you had tried to encourage, You comment and there is a strange comment there from someone else. Okay?. There are no new posts on the blog since several days back, but u do know new bloggers are rather fearful starting out.. Benefit of doubt time here. You try another post on this new blog follower of yours and you get a different blog. You go back to the one blog you tried to exhort prior with concern, to post and all the comments you have posted on there including the strange one are gone in a blink. Disappeared. Something weird. It may be a case for an unsolved mystery show? Oh well, I am sure most that read this will be confused with me. Misery loves company.