Vase Lift 

It is Tuesday and my thought are on Tutorials. I found a great post on how a creative individual took a large vase and remade it over to have that ancient look. I really liked how she did this and wanted to encourage her by sharing what she did here. You and I may not have the exact vase as she did, but maybe we could learn from this and do something kind of like this after studying her post.

dandelions & dreams

This is an old vase my mom gave me in oh…1996. It really felt like it was aging and needed a lift! I never really liked it much anyway.


It wasn’t hard pulling the rope off. But it was looking pretty hairy!!!

So I sanded away all the nasty looking fuzz. And this is how it looked after. Some of the paper backing stuck. I was hoping it would work well to give it a ‘peeling away’ look. I used duck egg blue chalk paint.

I wanted it to look like a old vase where the paint had come off in places. I still think I may need to do something else maybe add some shine- but as of now here it is!



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