Monday Mood-Cookbooks-Collecting Dust and Tears

Monday Mood-Cookbooks-Collecting Dust and Tears

Am posting on this subject for This month it has been “books” all month. Today it is “cookbooks.” I do have a few. Sometimes I think of selling them. Sadly, since the internet took over, I never use actual books anymore. In fact-though I love to cook-I just am involved in so many other hobbies and “have to do’s”  already. (See yesterdays post) That is what I decided to give up at this time in my life.  My husband likes to cooks so since he has time , he does it.

Since I am a very sentimental person, It saddens me greatly. If only health was not sleep dependent and I did not get so tired around 10 at night?
I am still looking or a place to buy longer days. (See my “about me”)