Tutorial for Tuesday-Coasters using up scrap paper and tiles. 


Tiles with scrap cards, etc. brush, my home diy mod podge, krylon spray clear waterproof sealer.

Tutorial 003


Tutorial 002Tutorial 001

Sorry for my photos being slightly dark. I was tired and took them at my desk away from the window where I do my crafting at.  How I made them.  And this is the 2nd time around. I used these same tiles and wore them out once before!

So last year about this time I went to the habitat restore-great cheap get craft stuff place-and bought 2 plain white tiles for $1 after seeing this idea via Pinterest. I did the project, but they started appearing dirty and faded from drink spills and washing their tops was no longer working.

So I scraped them clean, washed & dried the tiles until they were as newly purchased.

I got out old saved cards, a few paint chips I had leftover and other scraps. ( I am sorry I did not get a photo of this part; I thought this would make a great post after I already was almost done.)

I picked out pieces I liked and cut them to fit. I then slathered my home made mod podge glue type stuff on the tiles, Set the paper parts in place and used the glue stuff with the paint brush over the top of the paper. Set to dry overnight.

I did the podge glue for 3 days and let dry well. The viola, sprayed with clear shiny sealant and it is good to go.

Oh I missed a step since this was one I did not do the 2nd time around. Using glue that works for anything (E 6000,love that stuff) and withstands wet conditions, I cut felt pieces in black, I found in my upcycle tub and put them to use on  the bottom as cushions to keep from marring my nice wood antique desk top. These look pretty ugly, but they are unsee beneath the pretty art on top.

coaster bottoms 001

Coaster felted bottoms

Until next years redo…….