I was searching on Bing today to get my reward points and saw this story:   http://living.msn.com/family-parenting/the-family-room-blog-post?post=c6e5b8f6-479b-45c1-97bc-4a1549962043&_nwpt=1&ocid=anslf11

I ended up reading this article and still think there must be more to having 12 boys like this, but read the chances and why’s here and if right, there is no answer to this one.  the one way I can think of, I do not care for and do not think they would be willing for that either. But read the crazy odds of http://www.in-gender.com/cs/blogs/gender_selection_news/articles/family_all_boys_all_girls_odds.aspx.

Very interesting. But I am still convinced there is more to it than this.  Heat or other? I may be in over my head here. Please be nice. lol.