Tuesday Times-The Metal School bus. 

Now it is far from perfect and would never make the grade of the perfect ones I found on Etsy. I had to use stuff I already had,but it was fun to paint it to be ready for last Wednesday when school started. I have an excuse anyway since right behind the mailbox is a slope into a weed patch ditch ; Would you want to stumble down into a mass of stickers, poisonous vipers and, or Lyme carrying ticks, chiggers? I am trying to quit that one.

St loius 022

Red stop flag and heart below.


St loius 021

I longed for the days when I had toddlers who would get excited and hang onto the pole , not wanting to leave what I made. Grudgingly they stood there.

St loius 025

They moved away as we heard that bus. That first day of school this year was a relief for them to see the real one.