Why do I let him destroy me?!!!! Foto 4 Friday

Why do I let him destroy me?!!!!  Foto 4 Friday

How I feel. I was slightly depressed already. I am trying to earn money so I can get out if it comes to this again. I am in the business of setting up 3 places I am selling on. 1/2 of it is to sell stuff I have too much of and do not want to have to relocate and have all this baggage. Clutter, though worth something. I was telling my daughter on the phone how much work it is getting going business wise and he comes in and says “Have you sold anything?”. Laughed and mocked. Added as an attachment to this,”I rest my case!” I know I am the better person and though he is strong and big: I am the jewel and he is a loser., So why does he make my mind and emotions tear up? He is a braying churlish ,boorish Jack ass!

I tried to find a photo challenge I participate in to get “Two birds with one stone here”, but none fit. did it anyway and feel a lot better for it.