Love for Lists. Tuesday Thinking of…..

I love lists. It is so hard for me to keep from reading one of almost any subject if I see one on the internet and “working” Oh the perils of managing your own time and accountability only to yourself!

I also write lists every day. I have actually tried to force myself to not write that “to do” list once and awhile and just relax and “go with the flow” on some days, but it never works. I just want to sleep and am pulling my hair out. I find myself making a list and my left hand just can’t stop my right from doing it. My daily lists usually have anywhere from 15 to 100 things I want to do daily. there is my list of things I try to do daily at the top such as exercise, a load of laundry, work emails, (Yes, even when it is supposed to be my day off; Such is the life of selling stuff on line!) I sweep through the house and pickup all over room by room as fast as I can do it. It is not a perfect sweep by any means and I do try to do it at night before bed also. On work days and some other nights this does not pan out well. I am too tired or just do not want to stop working on building my businesses.

Anyway, here are few sites that fulfill my list cravings: Many helpful lists when you need something. Not just fun lists to read. This is my favorite site for lists. thgis is the never ending list spot. They go on and on. Start with a list, then find another one on the page you went to and spend days there> Reminds me of the guy that died playing video games because he went without stop for about a week. (Yes I did read this fact on a list site. lol)

Put lists on your search engine and see what you find.

So do you make to do lists, grocery lists, fun lists, vacation lists or such and are like me lost without one. Do you like lists or hate them like some people I know? Perhaps you read lists, but do not like to write them. What is your take on lists of any kind-you find?

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My internet is acting up and somehow I got an extra photo on there for DIY I did with coasters. At one time they were on a list of craft ‘to do’s’, so am leaving them here.