Spilled the beans When I should have Not!

Locked and Sealed: (It was at the beginning.)

The word press prompt today is sealed up secrets you opened and told.



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So my latest “faux pas”:

  I told the who the lasted anonymous donation  for payment to my son’s welding school was of $3,000.

The whole story:

My youngest son is at a welding school that costs over $10,000. he got scholarships and help to pay for it. He was halfway done with the school and we thought it was taken care of.  Any way at this time , they called him into the office and told him he still had the $3,000 to pay left. He was given 2 weeks. We prayed and brought it before the church. The money came in by an  anonymous  donor.

Now, mind you if someone had not let out the secret prior to me; I would never had even had this “secret.” I really did not even care to know who the donor was, but my brother blurted it out with the, “Do not tell anyone!.”

Need less to say and since I do not want to bore anyone;To sum it all up, when my other kids came to visit I blurted out to them who did it.

In my defense: The guy that paid the rest of the school bill was “a real skin flint.” I was so astounded and impressed that it was extra easy to blurt this out. I wanted to brag on this young man I have known since he was about 4.



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