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    Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green – Magical forest 

    Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Green – Magical forest.  While “weekend wandering” on other blogs, I found these “spell binding” photos. I think this photographer takes amazing close-ups and angles of a nature portrait  that put you there to behold the beauty under your feet if you take a “wander” out doors this weekend.  I think if you love nature and great photography you might want to have a “closer” look on this blog.

    Love to know if you went over and checked these photos out? Let us know. 

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    Not Easy Being “Green” -Friday Photo 

    For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Pictures I took awhile back when visiting a farm:fish and flora and a tractor 013  http://ceenphotography.com/2014/10/21/cees-fun-foto-challenge-the-color-green/

    fish and flora and a tractor 015

    fish and flora and a tractor 018

    • Cee Neuner 4:40 pm on October 24, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Wonderful entry for this week. The John Deere green is so distinctive. 🙂 🙂

    • blueribbonfair 10:43 pm on November 10, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      I thought I had replied to you, but thanks so much. this time I hope it gets on here.

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    Re-Fraction for The Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge 


    Tiger puzzle my kids put together.


    I thought this blurry shot worked for the theme. Great to use a photo I would probably discard.

    web store 5 clothes 016

    Creepy mysterious mushrooms found in my yard.

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    The House at Riverton by Kate Morton -“Saturday Reads” Book review On “Good Reads” 

    This is a book review from one of my favorite authors I did on “Good Reads” today:The House at RivertonThe House at Riverton by Kate Morton

    My rating: 5 of 5 stars

    Though I did find the aspects leading up to the climax of the story somewhat tedious and had thought this would be the first Morton story I gave a 3 too, the ending set it over a top to a 5. Why, you might ask. Let me explain: The story was long, but I really like a long book. (Long stories take longer to read, since I hate a good book to be over too soon.) Many reviewers on here said they did not care for the characters: I totally got attached to them. It was a good read for me because the end totally tore me up. I knew something horrible was coming, but I never knew it would be that way she did it. It was actually somewhat a horror scene for me because I could see how vibrant it was and felt the pull of being in any of the girl’s shoes when the climax stabbed like a knife to my heart. You see, I a am one of those people that happens to be what is called a highly sensitive person. I really try to stay away from sad books because of this. About once a year, I make an exception. At the same time, (though I know Morton’s books are melancholy) I never knew this one would tear me up and apart like I did. I really cried. I especially could know and believe I could feel how Hannah felt at the end. How Grace was haunted by the ghosts she was. Hurt that Grace did not tell the truth in later years, but knowing nothing could be done to remedy such a tragic tale. No matter what happened later. It is and was so really to me, I cry as I type this. I am just so melancholy and know, that though this is a fictional story, that such things do happen. History marches on and there is so much truth the book brings to me: It was almost like a horror story in the end. (and it was for all ,except maybe Grace and the characters surrounding her when she was older.

    I even had strange dreams last night, not really night mares, just strange.) The book did have loose ends somewhat which I did not care for, but then, isn’t that the way of “real life?” So anyway, I could give nothing but a 5 got the way the book moved me.

    A quote that fits me:

    “Better to lose oneself in action than to wither in despair.”

    Kate Morton, The House at Riverton


    http://youtu.be/48DGNftMM7s If you want to learn about highly sensitive people.

    I thought you might get a glimpse also into one of life “gifts” in my personality I deal with  also. A gift that is very hard on me alos at times. The video is helpful in learning how to use this gift to serve others and also control it so I can keep from damaging myself with more health problems or keep myself from worsening my pain, etc.

    This book is historical fiction with mystery. Do you like a book with both aspects or mystery and or historical fiction? Do you like fiction at all. Maybe You like it in other genres? Comment if you have the time, so I can know you better also. What do you read or not?


    View all my reviews

    • Ana Perry 4:07 pm on October 19, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Very nice post. A book review could be a nice series for you – weekly or monthly to help you increase your posting.

      • blueribbonfair 9:21 pm on October 20, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        I have thought of that; This is the first review I have been able to do in over a month. Thanks.I have not had time to read also like I used to. Audio books help a lot.

        • Ana Perry 12:39 am on October 21, 2014 Permalink

          I understand, I love to read but little time, audio books are invaluable. I wish there was an audio option on ebooks.

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    Pinterest does Pumpkins 

    As I mentioned over @http://ceenphotography.com/ earlier, pumpkins are my favorite thing that happen during the year.

    Today I have been pinning pumpkins off and on onto Pinterest. It is amazing how the designing and doings with pumpkins have changed over the years. Here are some creative, cool and different ones I found today on there. (Non of these first photos are mine.)

    English: An image of pumpkins in a Texas setting.

    English: An image of pumpkins in a Texas setting. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Pumpkins arranged in stripes of beauty.

    Pumpkins arranged in stripes of beauty.

    Bright crayons

    Bright crayons

    fabric pumpkins96ca8d8544f142ba631f763a8bf97501

    Checkered fabric.

    Brown bow Pumpkin Packages.

    Brown bow Pumpkin Packages.

    pinterest pumpkin patch

    Grape vine?


    Junk paperbacks

    Junk paperbacks

    blue and yellow2c7f99db1e0822531f6dcc020a78009c

    Blue and yellow diy pumpkins.

    pink pumkinsb34af0434694b3c547dc0df88a13f1b0

    PINK! is the new Orange!!!

    As you can see i am pumpkin happy. Now here are a couple of my own making and photos: 

    Little pumpkins my kids did a couple years back. They are so creative. Used whatever they wanted to make them their own. I was so sad when they rotted, though they lasted almost the whole year.

    Little pumpkins my kids did a couple years back. They are so creative. Used whatever they wanted to make them their own. I was so sad when they rotted, though they lasted almost the whole year.

    Glue and glitter on top of it. I also wish I had sprayed a sealer since I have lost a lot of glitter. Hey I am learning as I go here-,Aren't you or were you born perfect? with kids , who needs a tornado? I may update this with more glitter and glue and sealer.

    Beautiful apple gourds. When I took the photo it had lost a lot of it’s glitter. It was supposed to harden and dry so I could keep it. maybe Missouri is too wet because it molded after about a year also.

    Yarn Pumpkins

    I love my yarn pumpkins. I made a white one to go with these this year.

    listia, ebay home cup and blog fall 003

    My first go at a “pop up” card. Of course I could not resist trying this when I saw it was for a pumpkin.

    Check out my pinterest to see what I pinned: http://www.pinterest.com/luvtapin/

    My Autumn Holiday board: http://www.pinterest.com/luvtapin/holiday-autumn/

    ^Lots of help for the Fall gatherings for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Fun and Food.

    I am working on having a little Halloween get together. I also am making a paper mache pumpkin. I really want to try my hand at another pop out pumpkin card since the one I did ,  I had to use paper that was not what worked as well as the direction had you use. I got better paper now. I also did some other things  I want to share here, so hopefully I can post more fun stuff soon. (Look for these coming posts.)

    P.S. I also see some other blogs with some cute pumpkin ideas I want to skip over and visit. Thanks for reading and looking .

    • vothikhanhhoa 4:05 am on October 14, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Creative ideas about pumpkins. I have never thought that they could be much beautiful like these photos 🙂

      • blueribbonfair 8:21 pm on October 18, 2014 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks. I saw some more ideas yesterday like making rooms in a pumpkin with small doll house furniture. There are also ways to preserve them, ( I have not tried that myself.) to keep them from molding. I could have used that with mine that molded, but never knew this prior.

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    Reader’s Block: What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without reading a book (since learning how to read, of course)? Which book was it that helped break the dry spell?

    Such an easy question for me. Though I do go through spells where I am slower at reading my books or -as now-have less reading time-
    As far as I can recall since I learned to read in 1st grade, I have (NEVER) had a time I was not reading some book. All these years and I never ever thought about this question. quite a long stretch of book reading.


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    Don’t allow people to live rent free in your head! 

    On my weekend wandering through blogs, I came across this wonderful quote. Even today, having to still interact and depend on verbally abusive husband caused me depression even though I have escaped and have my own place I still have to deal with him since he is paying my bills so I am not completely free yet!!! I need to learn this!

    Brother Murf's Corner


    View original post

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    The Liebster Award-Another Round 

    I guess I am sucker for Awards. Thanks to http://brownboyspeaks.wordpress.com/2014/09/03/the-liebster-award/. ( I read how to shorten links, but forget how since I do not use it enough. This link could be shortened!) So I was nominated for the leibster award again and could not resist. I agree with who nominated me that this is a great way to explore new blogs and support other bloggers.

    Here are the rules:

    • If you’re nominated, you must provide a link back to the person who nominated you.
    • Give 11 facts about yourself.
    • Answer the 11 questions created by the user who nominated you
    • Nominate 11 people & ask 11 questions for them to answer!

    These are Eleven Facts About Me:

    1. I love antiques, vintage finds and retro stuff.

    2. I would love to spend 24 hours without sleep doing crafts or diy while watching you tube.

    3. Speaking of YouTube, I watch videos from a variety of subject including the crafts and diy; Today I am listening to videos on    psychopathic behaviors. I watch crime which connects sometimes with the latter. I watch movies and health videos. I listen  to music and almost daily listen and or watch a video that has something to do with online business.

    4. In spite of this, sometimes I wish I could escape the internet and go back to the days when I did not have it in front of me         and the have to’s to keep up with all my connections on here.

    5. So I have 3 places I am selling some of the things I love: https://www.etsy.com/shop/DappledMoonEmporium?                ref=search_shop_redirect Loving crafts and vintage stuff, you can discern why I am doing this. (Hint: I ran out of room to stor and display all my handmade and collections. I will keep a lot though. lol) I also sell my more up to date items and not woth as much stuff for credits on a site called ” Listia. I then can buy craft supplies with the credits which means no money is needed. Ebay did me good a few years back, so I am doing that with some items also. ( Since I do not want to go on and on here, I am not adding the links for the latter 2 .) I may post them someday, but I want to go easy on my readers and keep you from deciding not to read further. lol)

    6. I like unusual names and wish mine was not so common; I have about a dozen friends on Face Book with my 1st name.         Ugh!

    7. I could never figure out a certain career choice because I like so many different subjects.

    8. I have lived in Washington, Oregon, Montana , Florida and Missouri.

    9. The state I want to visit is Maine.

    10. I love chickens and cats. (Contradiction?)

    11. In reference to #10: I have what is called “brittle asthma” and have a deadly allergy to both animals. (This has been a             hinderence to me my whole life, though I count my blessings and live with it as well as I can.)

    On to Part 2: Questions given me by brownboyspeaks:

    1. Who inspired you to blog?  I would say it has to be myself.
    2. What are your hobbies?  As stated prior, crafting, creating, collecting. I also read, love games, learn, internet, decotae my home. (Check out my photos on here,hin, hint.) Studying crime, missing people.Thrift stores, flea markets, yard sales. This and that. List making?
    3. How many languages can you speak? Please list all of them. Finally an easy one. English alone.
    4. Another easy one: How many countries have you travelled to? Never been out of U.S.
    5. When was the last time you were so drunk that you couldn’t walk straight? 25 years ago
    6. What is your comfort food? I would say any nut butter.
    7. Where is your favourite place that you have ever visited? Hard to name one, but a dream from my childhood was to visit Laura Ingall’s wilder home and museum in Mansfield Missouri which I did about 3 years ago.
    8. Do you own a smart phone and/or tablet? Yes, but gifted it to my kids to use.
    9. Do you know where Malaysia is? Yes, but would not be able to name it on a map for a perfect score.
    10. What is the one item that you ‘must’ bring whenever you travel? My Kindle
    11. What is your favourite colour? I have 2 : Coral, salmon color and teal, mint green colors.

    Now the fun part: My nominee’s are….drum roll…..

    1. http://thriftysensenet.wordpress.com/2014/09/25/a-day-out-in-new-paltz-ny/
    2. http://roberthofherr.wordpress.com/
    3. http://rmcarlyslegentlemanadventurer.wordpress.com/
    4. http://marantophotography.wordpress.com/
    5. http://homeiswhatyoumakeit.com/
    6. http://robinrosevear.com/2014/10/03/hi-there/
    7. http://missionhelpers.wordpress.com/
    8. http://athomewithfriends.com/
    9. http://heyitsrach.com/
    10. http://oberdoit.com/
    11. http://womenous.wordpress.com/
    • Cammal aka Brown Boy 1:46 am on October 13, 2014 Permalink | Reply

      Yeay, finally you have made it! Anyway thanks for being a sport and nice to know you a lil better 🙂

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