The House at Riverton by Kate Morton -“Saturday Reads” Book review On “Good Reads” 

This is a book review from one of my favorite authors I did on “Good Reads” today:The House at RivertonThe House at Riverton by Kate Morton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Though I did find the aspects leading up to the climax of the story somewhat tedious and had thought this would be the first Morton story I gave a 3 too, the ending set it over a top to a 5. Why, you might ask. Let me explain: The story was long, but I really like a long book. (Long stories take longer to read, since I hate a good book to be over too soon.) Many reviewers on here said they did not care for the characters: I totally got attached to them. It was a good read for me because the end totally tore me up. I knew something horrible was coming, but I never knew it would be that way she did it. It was actually somewhat a horror scene for me because I could see how vibrant it was and felt the pull of being in any of the girl’s shoes when the climax stabbed like a knife to my heart. You see, I a am one of those people that happens to be what is called a highly sensitive person. I really try to stay away from sad books because of this. About once a year, I make an exception. At the same time, (though I know Morton’s books are melancholy) I never knew this one would tear me up and apart like I did. I really cried. I especially could know and believe I could feel how Hannah felt at the end. How Grace was haunted by the ghosts she was. Hurt that Grace did not tell the truth in later years, but knowing nothing could be done to remedy such a tragic tale. No matter what happened later. It is and was so really to me, I cry as I type this. I am just so melancholy and know, that though this is a fictional story, that such things do happen. History marches on and there is so much truth the book brings to me: It was almost like a horror story in the end. (and it was for all ,except maybe Grace and the characters surrounding her when she was older.

I even had strange dreams last night, not really night mares, just strange.) The book did have loose ends somewhat which I did not care for, but then, isn’t that the way of “real life?” So anyway, I could give nothing but a 5 got the way the book moved me.

A quote that fits me:

“Better to lose oneself in action than to wither in despair.”

Kate Morton, The House at Riverton If you want to learn about highly sensitive people.

I thought you might get a glimpse also into one of life “gifts” in my personality I deal with  also. A gift that is very hard on me alos at times. The video is helpful in learning how to use this gift to serve others and also control it so I can keep from damaging myself with more health problems or keep myself from worsening my pain, etc.

This book is historical fiction with mystery. Do you like a book with both aspects or mystery and or historical fiction? Do you like fiction at all. Maybe You like it in other genres? Comment if you have the time, so I can know you better also. What do you read or not?


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