On the Road to First Day of School


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My youngest 2 kids headed to high school and middle school on their first day of the New School year. We start in august. Lol. Behind them is one fenced in side of the farm. The mailbox I  painted for them; My son grumbled to take a picture, but finally gave in and let me do it.♥


On the road , waiting for the school

On the road , waiting for the school


I just found bitly-which I had heard about , but really never connected my brain to what it was for. I tried to shorten my link above for a better blog appearance. I published the blog and the link would not work. It worked from the bitly site fine? I had to put in the long link because I really need to give credit to Cee correctly. Any ideas what I could be doing wrong. I used the copy button on the site.


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