A Moment in Time-My photography woes.

So for the WP Daily prompt here:  ahref=”https://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/moment-in-time/”>A Moment in Time</a>,  We are to write about the last photo we took and tell about it.

Well, this subject fits because it was truly a photography  nightmare, if there is such a thing.

You my readers, must understand that the last photo I took on my camera became quite an ordeal to almost ruin my day. And I am still facing the fallout.

I took photos of products I had made for Valentine’s day to put on my Etsy shop.  I had one set of cute tags I had made and I was so excited that I got them done. I could post the stuff earlier than I have gotten other Holiday products.

What is it ” Murphy’s Law?”coming into play or what? Why couldn’t the SD card work for me until I got these special holiday goods that have to be put on my shop with a time limit?

The camera said my card needed formatting, but the camera would not do it. I tried to at least get the photos I had taken on my computer; ( Except the last one that would not take!) Again the computer said it needed to format the card. But of course it could not format it either. I spent some frustrating time trying to figure if I could get it to work for me by studying on a lot of sites by searching. I finally gave up and gave in. I went downtown to get a new one.

Of course Walmart, (Where I purchased the camera in the first place) did not carry the kind I needed for my specific camera. I could find this card nowhere!

I finally ordered it on Amazon. Of course it could take 3 weeks to get here. I guess I need a backup camera……..