I Hate this Melancholia

Music is one of my top loves as far as earthly things go, that is, on this planet. It actually maybe at the top, but that can depend on my mood.

I hate that I can never be really happy or excited about things, because I know as soon as my over the top empathy kicks in, or something touches me so deeply with my emotions- Today I am referring to music-that I am in a pit again.I started my day pretty perky and yesterday was great. I felt like listening to a certain song, One of my favorite singer’s “so long ago songs” and then listened to one of his newer songs and it got me into crying as the melancholy descended with it’s doldrums.

Suffice it to say, I had to quit listening to him today because, I just wanted to cry. Music is deep to me and when something hits me with it, my heart can break.

Bipolar is no fun, though there is some wonderful fallout it gives. One, being a love of creativity and art, including music. Would be great if the one pole would not push me to cry like this though a couple times a month. Sigh……..