I Bring The “Beach” Inside

I thought I would join in this week with something I haven’t participated in for awhile, The Word Press Daily Prompt.  Besides, I love the theme of “Beach” ………

Daily Prompt On Word Press

It has been years since I went to any ocean beach. I had relatives when I was young that lived in the coolest town named Mukilteo.

muk beach

The place is close by Everette, Washington State. These were my Pacific Ocean Days.

I lived In Florida- Pensacola for several years. Those were My “Atlantic Ocean” Days. Which ocean do you prefer? I actually like the wild Pacific, but then when you are a kid it just seems a tad more magical, so I may be biased because of age.

Now I am so far away from those beaches in Missouri.

There are some nice shorelines around other water bodies here, but I miss the ocean trips.

So I came up with an idea to correct in my own home, the ocean:


Wood and Rock Sailboat on beach wall art.



beach frame etsy update 010

Miniature Owl relaxing by the water on the beach. For sale in my Etsy Shop: Dappled Moon Fancies .