Adventure Discover in a different Manner

This is my first post for the Daily Post Discover challenge, which is here :  Daily Post Weekly Discover Challenge.  They take a blog post on discover ( Find this on the upper left of your menu in your reader. ) and use one chosen off that link for a theme.

This week the theme is ” Adventure.” They chose a great blog to “play off of” on hiking “adventures” ( If you like outdoors or hiking, in general, go check it out.) Maps, beautiful pictures and posts on stuff needed for hiking and more. The link above will take you there by way of this Daily Post.

I haven’t been hiking for a few years and feel really bummed. It is not my top hobby or sport like it is for them, but I used to do it for exercise a few times a year. Needless to say, busy life has gotten in the way. Once and awhile I schedule it and something always comes up. What a great motivator and reminder this blog is.

But every day can be an adventure for me.

It’s an adventure to come with ways to use items in the crafts I love to do:


New Tan 100%

Using up things like these into something new. I am really into recycling or maybe it is called up-cycling?


New Tan 100%

Or These Buttons.


New Tan 100%

Bowling Pin Necklaces?