Red Metal

Over at Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge this week is the Challenge of Autumn-Metal. She is combining the seasons with their elements. Check it out and join in. I do know many of my followers already do that and It is great to see their entries.

For my entry I have an interesting story: 

I keep finding an exact make and model and color car parked beside me. I sometimes see it on the city streets, but never see the driver. Anyway, they keep parking right next to me in the places I go when there is a space beside me. Kind of fun and makes my day somewhat.

So I finally snapped a photo to show my kids because I needed proof since they look at me funny when I have told them this:


metal red my car blog

Not a super good picture and I did crop it and played around with some tools.  My camera had slipped onto really long and tall photo taking which I did not know had happened.