Yes, "Qualms" in View

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Yes, even though I tried not to I started having “qualms” when it rained like Noah’s Flood was on the way and especially when I looked up the weather channel to find when it was going to let up; I was starting to have some trepidation. My “qualms” about that evening became, even more, pronounce when I saw the warning in red that there was a flash flood watch in effect and you might want to evacuate to high ground in the city

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I wish I was a bird. I could use a boat or an anchor anytime now….

  Epic Missouri Flood 2017Epic Missouri Flood 2017 Video on it which I commented on.


mammoth springs vac plants garden may 2017 021 blog

Water by my steps  2 days after the flood.


mammoth springs vac plants garden may 2017 007 blog

No that is not a pond or lake with a boat dock to the left by the water.  This was a parking lot right in the middle of the floodplain.

My daughter was out of school for a week and one of my sons did not work for a week while they fixed the damage. So thankful that I was slightly higher up and on the other side of town. One of my son’s girlfriend’s parents lost almost everything. My daughter’s college a few years back was flooded so much that students climbed on the roof and had to be rescued. I used to look at images of Missouri flooding and tornadoes, wondering who would live in such a place; my home state is Washington. So here I am in the area that this is far more likely to happen in? At least I have bragging rights to having survived and lost nothing in the worst flood where I am at.