African Fish Eagle

For National Eagle Day, I thought I would share a great post from a great blog featuring a African Fish Eagle. Looks somewhat like a bald eagle. Beautiful. Check it out.

de Wets Wild

Haliaeetus vocifer

If there is one sound that is symbolic of Africa’s waterways, it must be the call of the African Fish Eagle. It is the national bird of several African countries, and the South African presidential jet carries its Zulu name Inkwazi. They occur over almost all of Sub-Saharan Africa in close association with rivers, lakes, dams, swamps, estuaries and lagoons. As can be deduced from their name, African Fish Eagles subsist mainly on a diet of fish (weighing up to 2kg) snatched from the water in flight, though they will also catch baby crocodiles, terrapins, small mammals and other birds (up to the size of flamingos), scavenge the catches of other waterbirds like storks and herons and feed on carrion. Adults can weigh over 3kg and have a wingspan of almost 2.5m.

African Fish Eagle pairs are monogamous, pair for life and…

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