Thanksgiving with Pinterest 

Items below from my Thanksgiving, Halloween and Autumn Board over on Pinterest.  A lot more on there is interested:    luvapin autumn holidays board.

Again a Happy Thanksgiving day to all. Thanks for visiting.



Julie’s Eats and Treats



blog corn and mac and cheese food yellow pinterest

Looks so good. Corn and Macaroni and cheese made special.


craft invaders



blog autumn craft acorns acorn jewels pinterest

What an awesome manner not to mention easy to do and inexpensive. Bring nature indoors.


Crafting Morning



blog Autumn tree with dish Brush craft pinterest fall colorful

Since I no longer have crafty kids around, I am not ashamed to do this myself. I love “kid’s looking” art and have so much I kept of mine from years back.


This is an anonymous Link.



blog thanksgiving burlap words craft pinterest autumn

The site this came from is not linked to the post, but what a simple and beautiful way to recycle tin cans. I also think the craft “How To’s” are easy enough to follow by using the photos.




blog colorful pumkins fall craft with markers pinterest pentel markers

Bright pumpkins on the porch. Great to lighten up shorter and darker days. This site sells the oil pastels to use actually. I did not check the pricing and maybe other brands would work, but these appear to be a very good make on them. 


A couple more recipes for your gathering together:


chef in training


blog pumkin casserole food autumn fall pinterest

Almost a desert.


Amy New Nostalgia



blog retro vintage pumkin pie pinterest fall autumn

A Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I do not think so.