Surviving the Holidays! 

Great advice for Holidays.

Purpose Filled Mommy with Minimarie

The holiday season with all its wonder and almost magical allure of lights and decor is a beautiful time of the year!The holidays can also have many stressors and emotional triggers that are associated with the season that many struggle with. There are so many things going on here, there, and everywhere it seems during this time. There’s more pressure of expectations during Christmas through New Year’s then any other holiday I believe next to the official holiday season kickoff of Thanksgiving. Here are a few holiday emotional triggers with possible relief in handlingholiday stress.

  • We love our children and grandchildren. However regardless if it’s talking about our younger kiddos bouncy from the holiday break, our college kids visiting with”house guests,”or our adult children needing child care for the break it can get pretty overwhelming quickly. Try to take things day by day in stride. Plan activities…

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