So Long Summer

I am feeling Fall. I know we are not even in August yet, but my teenager goes back to school in mid-August and all she can talk about is she cannot wait to wear sweats again. The fair has past and I did not get to the carnival this year was a bummer. My son that usually took me has moved about 6 hours away to be with his fiancee. He actually met her online and it seems to be working out great. It is way cooler also today; My air has even kept up. Maybe it and the cloudiness just are making me feel the next season?

Eating cold treats have been big for me this year. Also lite fare.

So I thought I would share summer treats and food ideas to try before we say, “So long to summer.” 


21-Easy-Healthy-Summer-Dessert-Recipes_long blog treats goodies light desserts blog

If you want more health easy summer sweet treats, These are great with a lot of variety. links listed in order below:

Top Desserts:

Healthy Simmer Treats


Collage: (Left to right with smaller images then a link for the luscious fruit salad.

Fudge Pops

Banana Shakes

Banana Split Bites

fresh fruit popsicles

The above seems healthy also.

Home Made Lemon Ice Cream

Orange Dream Jello

Cheesecake Fruit Salad

3 I missed in the list above”


Links top to bottom left then right:

Easy Watermelon Sorbet

Pop Slurpee

Easy Watermelon Fruit Leather

A couple of these above are also healthy recipes I think.