Recycled Postcards From my Childhood 


These were old postcards I bought with my money my mom gave to spend when we visited a village of Coastal Native Americans. I am pleased how these different subject and design tags turned out. ( More story below.)



We were visiting my Aunt who lived between Seattle and Everette WA. State. We took the ferry over there and saw how they had lived in history as well as the log dwellings they built. So I found these old Postcards packed away at my moms and thought of a use for them that would be so fun. So out came the scissors, glue, card stock, jute twine, red paint, hole punch and of course the postcards.  So I painted the twine red, cut the paper and my postcards (Which hurt a little since I have had them for years.) Glued the postcard parts on the backgrounds. Let dry as I painted the twine and let dry. then Hole Punched and threaded them.