So We thought Halloween costumes were bad in our decade?

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I wanted to show everyone my deco’s for Autumn and my Halloween crafts but we went to so many things and with my conditions, I was too worn out after getting home (And getting ready to go!) I also had my daughters birthday. I loved celebrating, but I hope I can relax awhile before The Thanksgiving week;

So I changed course and decided to do something else. I hope my great readers will not mind if I follow this up with a later post of the Fall Deco’s and crafts did?

Ready for the nightmares? Only these are strictly Halloween I think. (Maybe they used them for other things?)……………

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To make you feel better about the pumpkins I decorated, they look nothing like the pumpkin heads here.  I also promise my Decorations will be lighter fare.

Which is scarier the clown here than It? Wonder about his doings that night?

No wonder some of these families left us Haunted Houses.

What a sweet Rabbit we have here.

And is that Shrek gone back in time?

And is the Girl with the Braids Annabelle The haunted doll come to life destroying someone’s toys with a haunting? (If you do not know the story of the actual doll you can look it up. It is easy to find.)

So stay away from opening the door to the dog boys and the “what is that thing” walking the street. The “black-eyed children” have nothing on these.

Side note: I do not know if the black-eyed children are anything real or mere stories. But if you like campfire creepy stories you can look them up also.

What is your favorite?

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