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  • blueribbonfair 10:54 pm on December 5, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Fall CraftsThis Year and Pasts 

    Fall Crafts Made this year. Large Pumpkins. Mine is the top.

    My daughter did the other one with Makeup. I sprayed them with a sealer for outdoors and since I am Doing Christmas (Winter now); I moved them outside.

    My 2 little-decorated pumpkins are actually gourds which were so inexpensive, though Green looked enough like little pumpkins I used them. Does anyone see through this? Maybe more bumpy? I love them. I sealed them also since I can usually keep them 2 seasons. Maybe it will not work as good with Ghords? I got the idea off Pinterest in painting them. (Always Pinterest for ideas if you read my past posts.)

    I also painted and glittered up acorns my daughter found for me and made an owl out of small stones I found somewhere and a cracked walnut 1/2.  This walnut piece actually looked so much like an owl face I had to do it. I also used leaves for the wings and black jewelry makings necklace cord leftover strips.

    Glue paint and glitter were used on all I made. Makeup on my daughter’s pumpkin. (She is a good artist.)



    These are stamps I made out of wooden spools I already have. I painted the spools with a base coat of white and then twice with blue-grey vintage looking paint I mixed up. Dried fast each time with a blow drier since I want to get it done since I am a chloric personality. LOL. I went through my grandmothers and her mother’s buttons I inherited and picked some out I thought would go on the ends and I would be able to use as stamps or seals. I used a glue gun to adhere them to the ends of the spools. I did both ends. I had the plastic pink round button not adhere to one of the bigger spools (These still had the thread on them so I did not paint them. I can still use the thread anyway and I wanted to use my bigger buttons I have not done anything for so long with.) fall off so I used my heavy duty E6000 glue. I have not had a chance to use them yet. (Holidays though I might use them on Christmas paper stuff.) I have already made cards last January for this year. I will try to get photos on here of them. I used old paint colored chip cards for them. (Pinterest again. I admit I am wondering where the site has been in my life before I discovered it was only by invite.



    Here are some things I made with my kids or made myself over the years I had out this Autumn: (Actually my kids did most of these after I looked them over. Thanks for staying until the end.























    • paranormalblogabook 4:13 pm on December 6, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Super cool! I never thought of making stamps out of old buttons! Awesome idea! Looks like my afternoon plans are going to be a bit tweaked. I have my grandma’s old button tin, and there are ones in there that would make great stamps!

      • blueribbonfair 8:47 pm on December 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        That would be great if you were able to get some done. I have not tried them out yet, but they are pretty if you like to have lovely things out in your house. Mine have been out like this since I made them. Thank you for commenting. Have a nice weekend.

    • America On Coffee 4:11 am on December 15, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Very cute and ingenious creations.

    • Charlotte Hoather 4:50 pm on January 3, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Loving the false eyelashes on the pumpkin. Great idea about the stamps, do you stamp into hot wax, tried that for the first time this year with my brother’s wedding invitations great fun. Happy New Year to you x

  • blueribbonfair 3:44 am on November 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Hey all of my beautiful followers and visitors I hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I wanted to post before Thanksgiving last week; But you may have experienced the time factor squeeze where it takes much longer to make your goodies. Well that is my excuse……..

    • America On Coffee 10:56 pm on January 2, 2019 Permalink | Reply

      Best wishes. to you and your loved ones, for the new year and always. And thank you for being part of AOC’s journey. Cheers!

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    Fall Home Decos1: Halloween, Thanksgiving 

    Here are some of my decorations for Fall this year,

    (Sorry, My photos are not the best; I am having to use an old camera waiting for a cord for my better one.)

    As you can see I use a lot of stuff even Fall looking album covers, jewelry I wear, cream pots, dolls, old photos, a wine bottle, and even a snare drum. Thank you for visiting.


































































  • blueribbonfair 7:00 pm on November 22, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Thanksgiving with Pinterest 

    Items below from my Thanksgiving, Halloween and Autumn Board over on Pinterest.  A lot more on there is interested:    luvapin autumn holidays board.

    Again a Happy Thanksgiving day to all. Thanks for visiting.



    Julie’s Eats and Treats



    blog corn and mac and cheese food yellow pinterest

    Looks so good. Corn and Macaroni and cheese made special.


    craft invaders



    blog autumn craft acorns acorn jewels pinterest

    What an awesome manner not to mention easy to do and inexpensive. Bring nature indoors.


    Crafting Morning



    blog Autumn tree with dish Brush craft pinterest fall colorful

    Since I no longer have crafty kids around, I am not ashamed to do this myself. I love “kid’s looking” art and have so much I kept of mine from years back.


    This is an anonymous Link.



    blog thanksgiving burlap words craft pinterest autumn

    The site this came from is not linked to the post, but what a simple and beautiful way to recycle tin cans. I also think the craft “How To’s” are easy enough to follow by using the photos.




    blog colorful pumkins fall craft with markers pinterest pentel markers

    Bright pumpkins on the porch. Great to lighten up shorter and darker days. This site sells the oil pastels to use actually. I did not check the pricing and maybe other brands would work, but these appear to be a very good make on them. 


    A couple more recipes for your gathering together:


    chef in training


    blog pumkin casserole food autumn fall pinterest

    Almost a desert.


    Amy New Nostalgia



    blog retro vintage pumkin pie pinterest fall autumn

    A Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie? I do not think so.




  • blueribbonfair 9:59 pm on November 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply
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    Giving thanks for my followers 


    It’s that time of year folks. Thank you for following , reading, commenting, visiting, and liking my blog and posts! 

    • Oliana 10:42 pm on November 15, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I love that our thanksgiving is the 2nd Monday in October…it gives me almost two months of being thankful and being touched by so many. May I reblog this beautiful Thanksgiving wish…I love that you wish us blessings outnumbering the fallen leaves! Blessings to you too, Cheryl-Lynn

    • Oliana 11:29 am on November 16, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      Reblogged this on Traces of the Soul and commented:
      I love how this blogger expresses her thanks…”more blessings than fallen leaves”

    • Shauna 8:37 pm on November 25, 2017 Permalink | Reply

      I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! 🙂

  • blueribbonfair 1:48 am on November 4, 2016 Permalink | Reply
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    Pumpkin Deco Luv 

    I love pumpkins. Every year I wait for my favorite season of Autumn and the apple cider, colored leaves, crisp air, cozy cocoa days, baking, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Best of all PUMPKINS!

    The greatest thing about pumpkins other than the cozy feeling they give me just looking at them is they are a wonderful and inexpensive pallet to paint or use as an artistic tableau.

    So this is the result of my pumpkin endeavors this year:

    (Oh and I thought I would use this for:Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge.)




  • blueribbonfair 3:57 pm on November 23, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Do I Have to Post on Black Friday? 

    I think not. I will leave that to all the others that do not hate that day to shop- unlike me. I would rather kick back with the kids and craft something or organize something. I really need to clean, but. I would almost rather do Black Friday.

    So today goodbye to the Bad Fryday and the Cumbersome Clean making me mean.

    On to the daily post prompt. Grab nearest book and write about 3rd complete sentence on pg. 82

    So the book that is closest-and this is hilarious since it kind of connects the dots to :”cleaning.”-is “It is too much bother to invite people over to dinner anymore.” Do I have egg on my face? Or pie? The yolk is on me. So to put it this way, this comment is actually partly the truth. Inviting people over that is. I just do not invite people over as I used to because it is a somewhat bother. But I do have excuses:

    1. Crafting has taken over my home.
    2. I live way out in the boonies.
    3. My house truly is not as clean as it used to be since it was too much and I needed some “me” time. At one time it was spotless all the time so an impromptu invite was easy to do.
    4. I planned ahead so much more which did not work with my families do spot on manners and schedules so I had to loosen up.
    5. Consequently now when I think, “We could have invited”, it is too late. I thought this yesterday as I was making food for the feast. I do this almost every week or so.Duh moment. “It would have been nice to invite.”

    So some of the above might contain “It is too much bother to invite people over for dinner anymore.” But I can also blame others. After all, it is extremely annoying when it is also too much bother for others not to show and not even call to let you know. After all my craft materials usually show up., Since my craft room almost contains everything needed and if it does not today, I am still not doing Black Friday Anyway.

    Connect the Dots.

    Even made something on Thanksgiving.


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    6 add_shortcode('pin', 'get_pin');
    7 ?>

  • blueribbonfair 5:17 pm on November 20, 2012 Permalink | Reply
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    Thanksgiving Food 

    Now I must confess something. I love to cook, but since I have no freedom in my small kitchen, I have decided for the first time we are going out for once. I did have someone invite us over, but because of my brittle asthma, I cannot do it. so probably going out, not my first choice, but I also do not want the dishes and clean up everyone dumps on me.

     I do love to cook, but it is a big struggle to do it unless I have a clean kitchen all to myself. Maybe you are not like that, but I am extremely introverted and do not want to clean up to cook and have them come in and make another mess while I am doing it so I am not going to go there.

    So today it is just a mere dream of times past when I had such liberty. I will content myself with the dream of food I would love to do if I had better circumstances.

















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